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Tri.Streets in May - preview

Hello! I know I haven't posted anything here for a couple of days, didn't have time, sorry. However, I am happy to announce there will be some major changes on my blog, starting from the new layout:) I don't want to reveal any more secrets, but here is a sneak peek of what you will see in May. I am going to London at the beginning of May, very much looking forward to taking plenty of photos! Here are just a couple of spots I will visit. Stay tuned! Magda

The Shoe Galleries in Selfridges 

Christian Louboutin Exhibition in London's Design Museum

La Duree - I bet these colours will look great in the photographs! 

West End and not only;)

Portobello Road market and Petticoat Lane market

VOGUE House 
For the record - photos above are a mix of mine and those found on the net.
I have been to London many many times, but if there is anything worth seeing - please let me know either via  email or on Facebook or.. In person:) 


  1. Oh my....! Rock it*

  2. London? Sounds fabuous:)

  3. i was there one month ago.. amazing place!!!:) p.s I Love Your Blog !!!:)

    1. Thank you veery much:)) Hope it will be warm & sunny there! Have a great weekend