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London's Calling / 05.2012

Lego Queen

It turned out I have my very own street in London.

The more reasons, the better 

La'Duree. The most beautiful packaging, most incredible rip-off  for  an extremely fake taste.. Plus, on top of that, no photos allowed. Still, I made an attempt :) 

La' Duree in Covent Garden 

These are candles ..

.. so are these carrots :) 

Sorry George and David, Harry is the number one!

You may say this is tacky, but I fell in love with that necklace

Bond Street boy

I could do with a house like that..

Portobello Road

Portobello Road

Notting Hill 

Petticoat Lane Market

That's what it does.. / Camden Twon

Camden Town

Camden Town

I was tempted to give it a go :)


Baker Street

Kate and William sadly ended up in the everything-for-a-quid basket ..

Pimp my boat for the Jubilee 

Mummy, please! 



Tulips, please!